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Freewrite to Bear ๐Ÿป 2.0 sync via Shortcuts

Sharing this here simply because I couldn’t find out how to do this elsewhere. I have a typewriter (a Freewrite 2nd Gen) that sends some files to a Dropbox folder (‘C’). I wanted those files to sync with Bear, which is where I’m keeping all my notes this year.

I’ve set Hazel up to watch Folder C for newly added files, give them a green label and then run a Shortcut I’ve created called File to Bear.

Name: Send C to Bear
fall ยฉof the following conditions are met

Date Added
a is after
โ€ข Date Last Matched
Do the following to the matched file or folder:
Set color label
Run Shortcut
[Continue matching rules
ยฉ File to Bear

The File to Bear Shortcut can be downloaded here. It has more variables than it needs, but I’m done tinkering with it for now. It works! Moments after the new file is added to Folder C, it shows up in Bear. And Bear can also incorporate any tags I include in the plain text.

Some notes:

  • The only way I could figure out how to extract plain text from the Dropbox file was using ‘Combine.’
  • Permissions matter. I don’t remember when in the process it asked for permission to write to Dropbox, but it did, and I consented.
  • The Dropbox folder you’re watching in Hazel must be set to be available offline. (It can’t have a cloud-download icon next to it in Finder.)
  • There are a bunch of Bear shortcut actions that are from Apple, and not Bear, and they weren’t working for me. Be sure to use the actions in the image below, or the actions under Apps > Bear in the actions sidebar.
Receive Images and 18 more input from Share Sheet, Quick Actions
If there's no input:
Combine ยง Shortcut Input with New Lines
Set variable BearlyThere to Combined Text
All Apps
App Store
23 Calendar
Set variable BearlyThereAgain to
* BearlyThere
Split * BearlyThere by New Lines
Get Items in Range 1 to 1 from & Split Text
Set variable BearlyTitle to ยฉ Item from List
Split ร— BearlyThere by New Lines
Get Items in Range 1 to End Index from ร— BearlyThereAgain
Set variable BearlyContent to ยฉ Item from List
Create a note with @BearlyContent
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